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As part of our one stop shop approach, we are able to offer a range of secondary services to compliment our principal CNC machinging services as detailed below. Primarily we use local service providers but we are also happy to use sub-contractors specified by our customers. In most instances, sub-contract work wil be billed through Dawn Fire Ltd, but under certain circumstances, billing can be arranged directly.

Powder Coating & Paint Finishing

We use a number of local service providers who offer a range of finishes including epoxy polyester powder coating, single and two pack air dry wet sprays and specialist stove finishes. We can also arrange for screen printing and engraving.

Electroplating & Chemical Conversions

Local electroplaters with whom we have worked with for a number of years offer a wide range of surface treatments including zinc, chrome, nickel, silver and copper plating as well as chemical conversions such as alocrom, anodising, chemi-blacking and electrophoretic coating.


Hardening, stress relieving and degassing can be sourced where required.

Sheet Metal & Laser Cutting

Were small one off batches of sheet metal components are required, with or without fabrication, we can arrange for local sub-contractors to provide high quality components. Because we work closley with our business partners we are able to ensure a consistent and high level of quality at all times.

Electro-Discharge Machining

Where specific services such as wire erosion, spark erosion or hole burning are required we can arrange for local companies to carry out the work on your behalf. Whilst EDM machining is not often requested through us, we have a number of local companies with whom we have been working for a number of years, just around the corner.


For assembled fabrications such as valves we have outsourced the supply of springs and wire work through a number of established business partners who offer a fast and flexible design service for small orders.


Whilst we offer an inhouse presswork capacity, for heavier work, including deepdrawing and larger volume production we would use local companies who in many cases can offer suitable components based on existing tooling.

Metal Spinning

Our local trading estate has a plethora of engineering companies, including metal spinners who are capable of carrying out bespoke work on our behalf.

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