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We have years of experience of working with demanding and exotic materials. This means that we have the experience to offer you a production machining service that will address material issues at the start in order that problems such as stress, galling, fatigue, burning and surface hardening are all mitigated where relevant. Below is a list of some of the materials that we have programmed into our estimation system as a result of our years of experience.

We have worked with every one of these materials:

Free Issue

We are happy to work with free issue material and have systems to manage the identity of material sources.


All material can be made available with certificates of conformability and traceable lot numbers.

Material Notes
Bright Drawn Steel Free Cutting Non Leaded Steel, Free Cutting Leaded Steel, Non Free Cutting Mild Steel, Non Free Cutting, Ultra Sonic Crack Detected, 220 M07 Crack Tested EN1A, Sheet, 214M15 Stable Case Hardening Steel, 080A15 Crack Tested, 070M55
Stainless Steel 416 Free Machining Magnetic, 303 free Machining Non-Magnetic, 316 Non-Magnetic, 304 Non-Magnetic, Nitronic 60/50
Copper BS2874/C101 Rod & Bar, BS2870/C101 Sheet, BS2870/C106 Pressing Quality Sheet, Sheet
Brass BS2874/CZ121M Machining Quality, BS2870/CZ108 Bending Quality, BS2870/CZ106 Deep Drawing Sheet, BS2871/CZ126 Drawn Tube, BS2871/CZ119 Machining Quality Tube, BS2874/CZ121M
Aluminium BS1474/HE30TF General Machining Alloy Rod, BS4300/5 2011 T3 Free Cutting Bar, BS1470/S1C O Soft Alloy Sheet Deep Drawing, BS1470/S1C 1/2 H/D General Press Quality Sheet, LM25 Casting, BS1474 HE15 TF
Specials Galvatite, Cold Drawn Seamless Tube, Gun Metal, hydraulic TubeDin 2393 ST37.2 SSID, BS6323/S Seam Welded Bright Tube, Silver Steel, HFS16 Tube To BS1775, CZ112 Naval Brass
Cast Iron Bar, Armco Soft Iron
Plastics Nylon 66, Bearing Property Nylatron, Polyacetal, Black Delrin, PTFE, Acetal, PVC
Steel General Commercial, Structural, Black Mild Steel, ASTM A105 Bar BS1449 120VPN
Bronze Aluminium Bronze, SAE 660, Leaded Bronze, Bronze Split Bush, Phospher Bronze
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